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Power House Hot Rod and Performance loves pushing the envelope when it comes to performance. This custom chassis for a 69 GTO is another example. It features a custom boxed frame with power steering, four wheel Wilwood disk brakes, a 9” rear, and a four link with custom sway bars for both the front and rear. The engine is a stroked Pontiac 400 that now displaces 463 ci. It has an Eagle rotating assembly, Edelbrock heads, roller cam, and a March pulley system. It is topped by a 6-71 billet blower with two 750 Holley blower carbs. The Turbo 400 trans has a reverse pattern and trans brake with an Ultra Bell bell housing. This application may be beyond your requirements but clearly shows what we can do. Check out the PHHR article 1969 Pontiac GTO Classic Chassis.